Vitavox Army Applications

Vitavox provides military communications equipment for a variety of land applications, both fixed, mobile and vehicle based systems. All communications systems come with the audio quality, ruggedness and reliability that has made Vitavox the comms supplier of choice since 1933.

Vehicle Mounted Public Address Systems

Vitavox has created a vehicle mounted public address system for use on all armoured fighting vehicles, both tracked and wheeled. The systems are capable of integrating with existing vehicle intercom systems or operating on a stand-alone channel and can be fully operated from within the confines of the vehicle. The systems provide clear external audio up to 300m from source and are capable of both 'live' and scheduled or triggered recorded sound reproduction as well as 'host' language speech.

The system is designed to:

  1. Reduce risk and the escalation of violence
  2. Prevent unnecessary collateral damage
  3. Prevent the need to exit the vehicle
  4. Allow local language communication 
  5. Win the hearts and minds of civilians

Further information on the system capabilities can be found on the Outacom™ page.

Intercom Systems

The Vitavic 400 is a modular, military grade, software defined tactical intercom system for use on all current and future land platforms. The system allows communications between 21 crew members and 6 combat net radios and is fully programmable in DSP and FGPA for ultimate battlefield flexibility.

Read more about the Vitavic 400

Mobile HQ

The Technomad FireFly portable PA system is a fully functional, one-man operated communications system with 6 input mixer for ultimate audio on the move. The unit weighs just 11.3kg and can be carried in a single backpack. The PA system has no set-up requirements - just plug in the microphone and go.

Base-wide Paging

The Technomad modular public address systems can be networked to create a large ranging (many square miles) giant voice or alarm system for fixed and temporary military headquarters. The systems are fully expandable and offer 'live' voice audio through wired or wireless mics, line-in inputs and MP3 playback (loop, once, push).

Vitavox also offer turnkey public address systems for smaller areas (1 square mile), which can be assembled in just 15 minutes. These turnkey PA systems are ideal for use as emergency broadcast systems, for training exercises, ceremonies and presentations. 

Ear Protection

The Vitavox military headsets are receive only headsets which provide noise cancelling ear protection for noise levels above 87dB. The headsets are manufactured from high-grade sound attenuating plastic and can receive audio signal via either UHF or magnetic loop, allowing one-way communication without the need to remove the headset. 

These military headsets allow personnel to hear critical communications in noisy environments such as:

  1. Firing ranges
  2. Engine rooms
  3. Airports
  4. Heliports
  5. Training areas

Vitavox communications equipment are currently installed on the Scout Specialist Vehicle

Vitavox communications equipment are currently installed on the Foxhound Vehicle

Vitavox communications equipment are currently installed at the Zussman Urban Combat Training Center

Vitavox communications equipment are currently used by the White House Communications Agency

Vitavox communications equipment are currently used by NATO forces