Vitavox Naval Applications

The Vitavox range of military communications for naval applications

Vitavox have provided the world's largest navies with military communications equipment since 1933. The audio equipment provided by Vitavox can be used in a variety of applications, both above and below deck as well as above and below surface. 

Loudhailing, Public Address and Main Broadcast

The Vitavox range of naval loudspeakers are suitable for use as loud hailers or public broadcast speakers. All loudspeakers are shock (70G), blast and waterproof (IP67) for use on above surface naval platforms, both current and future.

Submersible Loudspeakers

Vitavox submarine loudspeakers are shock tested to the maximum requirement of submarine bridge hardware. They are blast, pressure (69Bar) and waterproof (IP68) loudspeakers for use on the exterior of submarines and within the pressurised dive chamber. The loudspeakers come as both standard submarine loudspeakers and compact submarine loudspeakers which also act as a talkback microphone for two directional communication.

These loudspeakers are current stock items on all Astute class submarines. 

Headsets and Handsets

Vitavox designed a developed the UHF Receive only headset to replace the ship's main broadcast magnetic loop. Installed on the Astute class of submarine, the UHF headsets is provides passive attenuation and protection from sound pressure levels better than 87dB. The Vitavox Battery-Powered Emergency Handset has been developed from previously developed systems but with significant enhancements at user level.


Naval Intercom Systems

The Vitavox LockCom is an intercom system designed specifically for use in submarine dive chambers. The system features a control unit, rugged waterproof, blast proof microphone and loudspeaker on the 'dry side' and a pressure proof, waterproof, shockproof talkback loudspeaker on the 'wet side'. The system can be used in standalone mode or fully integrated with the main broadcast system on board.

Noise Cancelling Headsets

The range of Vitavox receive only headsets are made with high grade, noise cancelling plastic capable of attenuating sound up to and beyond 87dB. These military grade headsets were designed specifically for Naval use on board frigates and submarines where critical communications must be heard even in noisy environments, such as flight decks and engine rooms. The headsets are available in a UHF, or magnetic loop version compatible with all current magloop systems. 


Mine Countermeasures

Vitavox provide a watertight (IP67) rugged 3" loudspeaker with a low magnetic field for use on MCMVs, minesweeper and mine hunters. The loudspeaker is compact, and capable of withstanding shock and constant vibration. The unit can be used in navigational or search vessels which also require low magnetism.


Emergency Communications Channel

The push-to-talk, battery powered emergency handset is specifically designed to provide a back-up communication channel in the event of serious malfunction or power loss on the main broadcast system. The emergency handset can be hard wired (both pre-wired or on the fly) and requires no power from the main system. Up to 30 handsets can be connected on one communication network to provide point-to-point communication in the event of emergency, or to avoid clogging the main broadcast system. The systems are not affected by signal loss.


Piracy Countermeasures

The Vitavox Outacom™ is a military grade loud hailing system designed to be mounted externally on naval patrol vessels. The system is designed as a stand-alone communication device capable of audio projection up to 300m from the vessel. The PA system is rugged, shock proof (70G) and waterproof (IP67) for use in harsh marine environments during active operations or training exercises. 

The system supports current counter piracy measures, allowing crew to clearly provide orders in the host language via either pre-programmed instructions, live radio link up or MP3 from an external device. 

Vitavox communications equipment are currently installed on HMS Astute

Vitavox communications equipment are currently installed on HMS Ambush

Vitavox communications equipment are currently installed on HMS Vanguard

Vitavox communications equipment are currently installed on HMS Illustrious

Vitavox communications equipment are currently installed on HMS Edinburgh

Vitavox communications equipment are currently installed on HMS Vengeance