Security and Civil Defence

Vitavox communications equipment for security services and personnel

Ear Protection

The Vitavox sound attenuating heaphones are constructed from high grade noise cancelling plastic to provide protection from audio up to and exceeding 87dB. The units are suitable for operations where communication is required in high noise environments - such as during training exercises or on firing ranges. 

Emergency Management & Disaster Response

The rugged and flexible nature of Vitavox communications systems are suited to disaster relief situations where conditions can be hazardous. The Public Address Systems are waterproof, blast proof and shock proof, making them capable of operation in extreme weather conditions, or during/following terrorist attacks. 

The systems can be programmed to provide host language support either through live broadcast, radio linkup, pre-programmed sound bites, or on-the-fly MP3 support through external devices. The PA unit can then be used for coordinating operations, crowd control, search and rescue or cease and desist action. 

Peace Keeping Operations and Crowd Control

Vitavox provide a range of communications options for crowd control and peace keeping operations, including vehicle mounted public address systems, portable 'manpack' PA systems with instant plug-and-play capability, and turnkey PA systems with up to a 1 mile sound projection radius.

All systems can be programmed to deliver host-language audio via microphone, radio link-up, pre-programmed sound bites, or external MP3 devices.