About Us


Vitavox (a division of Secomak Ltd) has been providing naval and military communications systems, including PA systems, military grade loudspeakers, microphones, headsets and other sound reproducing equipment to MoD's for over 80 years. Vitavox products can be used for applications such as; main broadcast, intercom and loud-hailing on both land and at sea. Vitavox systems and components are the toughest and long-lasting available today for military and naval specification. 

Vitavox was established in 1931, by an electrician specialising in wireless, who volunteered for service in the Navy. During his time at sea, he realised the importance of the on-board internal communications and on return to dry land he began to manufacture products that would meet the high demands of the maritime environment. Vitavox is now based in Elstree, England and continues to be one of Britain's true remaining defence manufacturers of the highest specification audio equipment. Vitavox systems are specifically designed and manufactured for use in the most damaging and hazardous operational environments, encountered both by equipment and service personnel.

Vitavox provide solutions by manufacturing products to fit a specific operational and functional requirement. Vitavox work with customers to integrate required features into the design and manufacture of the product, as well as offer customers an off the shelf selection of products. Vitavox also provide their customers with post-purchase support making Vitavox the primary choice for applications deployed in today's modern battlefield, in both army and navy scenarios.