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Vitavox Customised Military Communication Products

Evolution through design

Custom built military communications systems and peripherals

Vitavox provide bespoke design services for new and all existing military platforms, both on land and at sea. Our services have been employed by the leading defence contractors, such as BAE Systems, Thales and General Dynamics UK. 

Our services are best utilised in the design and specification stage of new platform development, but our design team is also capable of creating form, fit and function replacements for existing technologies which have been deemed unfit for purpose.

Loudspeaker for BAE Systems' Astute Class Submarine

BAE Systems contacted Vitavox after experiencing problems with an ITAR full diving pressure loudspeaker on the Astute Class Submarine Programme. Vitavox were asked to provide a form, fit and function replacement and offered BAE Systems a full design service to re-engineer the Vitavox loudspeaker currently in-service on the Trafalgar and Vanguard Class submarines. The re-engineered loudspeaker had to meet strict requirements relating to, pressure, shock, electrical, size and weight constraints.

Following a joint 12-month development the redesigned loudspeakers were signed-off and delivered to BAE Systems in January 2012 and are currently active on all Astute Class Submarines.

Headset for BAE Systems' Astute Class Submarine

Following on from the success of the initial loudspeaker redevelopment, BAE Systems asked Vitavox to prototype and manufacture a receive only headset for use on the Astute Class Submarine Programme. BAE Systems engineers had evolved a mock-up system that met all EMC and most technical requirements. They wanted a partner to take the project through to manufactured headset completion. 

Within 10 months the Vitavox team had fully designed, manufactured and delivered the 250 headsets required to meet all BAE Systems specifications. 

Vehicle Mounted PA System for GDUK's Scout SV

In October 2012 Vitavox signed a contract with General Dynamics UK to provide the Scout Specialist Vehicle (SV) Programme with a bespoke public address system which could be mounted externally onto the vehicle. The system is currently in development and further details will be provided closer to delivery.

Design Timelines

Below are the design timelines for both the Compact Talkback Loudspeaker/Microphone and the UHF Receive Only Headset.

Active Service:

Vitavox have created bespoke audio solutions for the following platforms:

Vitavox bespoke communications equipment is currently active on HMS Astute
Vitavox bespoke communications equipment is currently active on HMS Ambush