Military Intercom Systems

Software defined tactical intercom systems

Vitavox produces a range modular intercom systems suitable for all modern naval vessels and armoured fighting vehicles. These military intercom systems can be coupled with Vitavox microphones, headsets and loudspeakers to create a fully mil-spec communications system. Vitavox also produces vehicle mounted PA systems which can integrate with intercom systems or act as a stand-alone communications system. 

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Vitavic 400 Tactical Intercom System

Software defined, fully digital and modular intercom system

Fully software defined and combat ready intercom system

Vitavic 400 is a software defined fully digital military intercom system for use on armoured fighting vehicle platforms. The intercom system is a DSP and FPGA design, allowing user control and manipulation in the field without downtime. The Vitavic 400 military intercom is suitable for up to 21 crew members and 6 combat net radios (both current service and future issue).


Quick Specs:

Ingress Protection:
IP68 EN 60 529
Frequency: 300Hz - 3.4kHz
# CNR: 2 - 6
28V DC/14-35V

Vitavic 301 Radio Monitor

Stand-alone tactical vehicle radio monitoring and broadcasting

The Vitavic 300 Radio Monitor is a rugged interface for connection with any in-service combat net radio (CNR), microphone or headset. The Vitavic 300 does not require an intercom for operation and therefore connectivity at the flick of a switch allows authorised personnel to broadcast to any one of three radios being monitored, from the safety of any tactical vehicle.


Quick Specs:

Mil-Std810F. Mil-Std461E
Current: 500+- 100mA
Supply Voltage: 28V/DC
Any CNR or headset

LockCom Submarine Dive Chamber Intercom

Battle proven, pressure proof and waterproof naval intercom system

Fully waterproof and pressure proof naval intercom system

The LockCom is an intercom system designed for use in the submarine dive chamber. The intercom is fully waterproof (IP68), shock proof and pressure proof (70G), and utilises the Vitavox range of submarine loudspeakers and microphones to create a battle proven rugged communications system.


Quick Specs:

Ingress Protection:
Pressure Proof: 70G
Output Power: 30W