Vitavic 400 SD Tactical Military Intercom System

Secure, Software Defined Military Intercom

Secure, Software Defined Military Intercom Communications

For use on all armoured fighting vehicles

Vitavic 400 is a modular, true Software Defined (SD) fully digital military intercom system. The SD system is a DSP and FGPA design, allowing for user control and manipulation in the field. The Vitavic 400 intercom system is fully upgradable and easily programmable via a standard laptop with no down time required.

The unit operates with any encrypted peripherals and signals with no manufacturer input required for complete in theatre security. The high quality voice comms and aural protection required by a combat vehicle crew in noisy, battlefield environments is provided by a user configurable DSP design supporting VOX, ANR, TTC and any user defined headset or handset. 

Vitavic 400 is fully analogue and digital alarms capable and provides the optimal solution for vehicles with up to 21 crew members and 6 combat net radios (CNRs), whether in service or planned for the future. It is the ideal tactical and technical intercom solution for both wheeled and lighter tracked armoured vehicles. The intercom system also supports heads up operation via the Vitavic 409 Personal Extension Unit. 

An Vitavic intercom system for 2 crew and 2 combat net radios is also available and consists of a single central communication unit (CCU). Dismounted personnel may be remotely connected to the intercom and combat net radio via short range soldier radio or field telephone interface. Data is transmitted at the combat net radio defined rate of 64kb/z. All units can be edged with soft rubber for additional safety on the move.

The Vitavic 400 CCU has an intuitive, integrated Built-in-Test (BIT) plus a a dedicated field workshops test unit (VV4545) if required. An optional digital communication function may be used to either record or generate voice traffic messages - in the local language if required.

The Vitavic 400 military intercom system also has a standard rebroadcast capability for two different CNRs and expanded capability that allows any combination of up to six different radios to be rebroadcast.

The Vitavic tactical intercom system is fully software defined for in-field configuration

The Vitavic 400 SD tactical intercom system is suitable for up to 21 crew members and 6 CNRs.


Vitavic 400 datasheet Vitavic 400 datasheet

Vitavox product brochure Vitavox product brochure


Part Number: VITAVIC 400
Power Supply: 28V DC (12V available)/ 14V to 35V
Operating Temp: -35°C to +60°C
Storage Temp: -40°C to +70°C
Environement: MIL-STD-810F
Waterproof: IP67
Humidity: 95% / 60°C
Shock (single): 750 m.s-², 6ms
Shock (repeated): 200m.s-², 15ms
2g.m-³, 5m.s-¹
# Crew:
2 - 21
# CNRs
2 - 6
Audio Frequency:
300Hz - 3.4kHz

Active Service:

The Vitavic 400 is currently active on:

Vitavox communications equipment is currently active on the Foxhound Vehicle

Modular Options

The Vitavic 400 SD Intercom is a fully modular system which can be custom built by the user to match operational requirements. Listed below are the different modules which can be combined or provided individually to create a bespoke military intercom system.

Vitavic 400 series

  • Vitavic 401 - Central Communications Unit
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  • Vitavic 401A - Central Communication Unit
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  • Vitavic 402 - Basic Communication Unit
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  • Vitavic 405 - Intercom Communication Unit
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  • Vitavic 407 - Loudspeaker Unit
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  • Vitavic 409 - Personal Communications Interface
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  • Active Noise Reduction Headsets
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