Type B80 ATEX Microphone

ATEX Approved Intrinsically Safe Microphone

Shockproof, Waterproof ATEX Approved Microphone

For use in potentially hazardous or marine environments

The B80 microphone is a military grade microphone suitable for use in marine environments and potentially hazardous environments. The microphone conforms to DEF-133, Class N1, and SES-5 standards on waterproofing, shock and vibration resistance. 

ATEX Approved

The microphone is also ATEX approved as intrinsically safe for use in flammable atmospheres (Groups 2a, 2c, 2d and 2e) when mounted in a permanent position.

The microphone inset and switch assembly, housed in a watertight case of cast aluminium Type LM6M, presents a very compact unit suitable for installation in exposed conditions where its robust construction will withstand heavy duty for long periods without attention. The on/off switch operates a spare set of contacts for remote control applications and may be internally set to biased or unbiased modes. The microphone has connections for a relay circuit with the choice of either series or parallel operation.

Intrinsically safe for hazardous environments

The B80 is waterproof and ATEX approved for use in  potentially flammable environments. 


Type B80 datasheet Type B80 Microphone Datasheet

Vitavox product brochure Vitavox product brochure


Version: Standard ATEX Approved
Part Number: VT07240 VT07941

n/a 5965-99-425-3286
Cable: n/a 2m
Input Impedance: 25Ω
Weight: 680g
Dimensions: 175mm x
76mm X
Sensitivity: 65dB below 1V/Pa
60Hz - 8kHz
Waterproof: IP67
Standard: DEF-133, Class N1

Active Service:

The B80 is currently active on:

The Vitavox Loudspeaker is currently installed on HMS Vanguard
The Vitavox Loudspeaker is currently installed on HMS Vengeance