Type B90 Noise Cancelling Microphone

Watertight, Shock Proof Hand-Held Military Microphones

For use on land and in marine environments

The Type B90 Noryl hand-held Microphone, with press to talk switch, is fully proofed against the shock and vibration that may be encountered in harsh naval and military operational environments.

These military microphones are fully watertight (except for the noise cancelling version) and may be supplied with alternative cabling and optional stowage solutions. There are four different versions of the Type B90 Microphone.

The B90 Microphone is a component of the Outacom Public Address System, which will be fitted to the Scout Specialist Vehicle Programme used by the UKMOD. The 'press-to-talk' noise cancelling microphone, will enable the commander of the Scout to communicate with the public, in order to reduce unnecessary violence and collateral damage. 


Download Type B90 Microphones Datasheet

Vitavox product brochure Vitavox product brochure

Waterproof military microphone

The Type B90 is watertight, shock and vibration proof.


Version: Rocking Armature Carbon inset Moving Coil Inset Noice Cancelling Inset
Part Number: VQ13373 VQ13374 VQ13375 VQ13376

5965-99-462-4360 5965-99-462-4361
Input Impedance: 300Ω 75Ω 25Ω 25Ω
Weight: 284g 284g 375g 340g
Sensitivity: -68dB re 1V/0.1 N/m² -58dB re 1V/0.1 N/m² -85dB re 1V/0.1 N/m² -80dB re 1V/0.1 N/m²
400Hz - 5kHz 300Hz - 3kHz 60Hz - 8kHz 400Hz - 3kHz
Waterproof: IP67 IP67 IP67 No
Cable: 2m
Finish: Moulded nylon "NORYL 738" black