Military Loudspeaker & Loud Hailer

Vitavox Military Loudspeakers are suitable for intercom and main broadcast applications

Waterproof, Shockproof Military Loudspeaker and Loud Hailer

For loud hailing, public address, main broadcast and intercom communications systems

These mil-spec loudspeakers are shockproof, watertight, weatherproof (IP67), and combat proven on both land and at sea.

The 2184 intercom speaker has an internal amplifier capable of reaching an output power of 30W from a 0.775v input signal. The unit requires an external 24V DC power supply which allows it to function independently from the main broadcast system and connect directly to a Vitavox military microphone to create a reliable, area specific intercom system.

The 2183 military loudspeaker comes with an in-built transformer which can be wired directly into the main communication system or pre-amp to create clear and battle resistant main broadcast / public address system. The loudspeaker handles input signlas of 31.6, 70 and 100V with a power output range of 2.5-30W.

Both loudspeakers have been type shock tested by UK MoD to 70 g-force, demonstrating their effectiveness in battle conditions, being able to survive close proximity explosions. The sheer durability through design ensures reliability through the most demanding of operational conditions. 

Naval Intercom Speaker, Loud Hailer or PA System.

The loudspeakers comply with British Standards and UK MoD (Navy) specifications and are primarily used above deck and below deck in high noise areas such as near propulsion machinery and helicopter loading bays. The loudspeakers can be deployed as either broadcast speakers, loud hailers or intercom speaker and can reliably operate under the harshest conditions. 

Unlike normal marine loudspeakers, the diaphragm will not be destroyed through battle or training, therefore making this loudspeaker a critical choice for on board safety.

The shockproof (70G) and waterproof protection (IP67) ensures that the speaker will have a through life expectancy exceeding that of the platform it is mounted on.

The loudspeaker comes as a naval (pictured) or land version. 

Vehicle Mounted Loud Hailer and Military Public Address System

The loudspeaker can be mounted to an armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) for use as a military grade loud hailer capable of withstanding the rigours of active service. The 70G shock resistance and weatherproof (IP67) protection ensures the unit will survive beyond the expected life of the AFV. 

Currently the speaker is a key component in the Vitavox Outacom system as a plug and play aid to enable protected crew members to make audio contact with potential threats or local civilians external to the vehicle. 

In 2013 a compact version of the loudspeaker will be integrated with a bespoke Vitavox intercom system for deployment on the new fleet of UK MoD Scout SVs as a vehicle mounted military PA system.


Vitavox 2183/2184 Loudspeaker datasheet Vitavox 2183/2184 Loudspeaker datasheet

Vitavox product brochure Vitavox product brochure


Active Service

Application: Main Broadcast Intercom
Part Number: VQ85496 VQ85490
NSN: 5965-99-537-2183 5965-99-537-2184
Input Signal &
Maximum Rated
31.6V up to 10W
70V up to 30W
100V up to 20W
0.775V up to 30W
Amplifier Voltage: N/A 24V DC
Input Impedance:

100/400Ω @ 1kHz 10KΩ nominal
Frequency Response: 400Hz - 8kHz 400Hz - 10kHz
Weight: 8kg 7.5kg

Stove enamel grey to CDL37-29-30
(other finishes available)
Shock proof: 70 G-force
Waterproof: IP67
Dimensions (mm): 268 dia. x 195 depth
Sound Output:

112dB/watt @ 1m
(30W = 127dB @ 1m)
The Vitavox Loudspeaker is currently installed on HMS Edinburgh
The Vitavox Loudspeaker is currently installed on HMS Illustrious
The Vitavox Loudspeaker is currently installed on HMS Somerset