Compact Broadcast Loudspeaker

Compact Broadcast Loudspeaker (IP67)

Waterproof, Blast proof, Shockproof 'Plug and Play' Loudspeaker

The Vitavox Compact Broadcast Loudspeaker has been designed and developed as an External Output Module (EOM), for the UKMOD Scout Specialist Vehicle Public Address System. Available as a replacement to the Vitavox 2183 Main Broadcast Loudspeaker and the Vitavox 2184 Intercom Loudspeaker, the EOM is available as a more compact 'plug and play' alternative.

The Compact Broadcast Loudspeaker has full EMC and environmental specification qualification to Def-Stan and MIL STD, has ingress protection rating IP67 and has been shock tested to 200G. Both land and sea adaptable, this loudspeaker can be used for both loud-hailing and broadcast applications for vehicles and ships.

A key component to the patented Outacom Public Address System, two Vitavox loud-hailers could be found showcased on the self-defence weapon of the Scout Specialist Vehicle, at Defence Vehicles Dynamics 2014.


'Plug and Play' replacement for the VQ85496 and VQ85490 main broadcast speakers.


Active Service

Part Number: VQ90502-02
Audio Frequency: 300Hz to 3400Hz
Power: 5W, 10W or 30W
Weight: 5.34kg
Main Construction Material:

Aluminium alloy to BS 907 - HE30/6082-T6
Shock proof: 200 G-force
Line Voltage: 7.2 Ohms
Ingress Protection: IP67
Dimensions (mm): Overall: (238x188x169)mm
Mounting: 4xM10/M8
Centred @ 133.5mm
Environmental or EMC Specification:
Def-Stan 00-35, Def Stan 61-5, Def Stan 59-411, Stanag 4236, Mil Std 461, Mil Std 810, Submarine Std

Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, Phillip Dunne, with 2 Vitavox loudhailers mounted to the self-defence weapon of the Scout Specialist Vehicle.