Submarine Loudspeaker

Watertight, pressure proof and shock proof military loudspeakers

Watertight, Shock Proof, Pressure Tight Submarine Loudspeaker

For public address, main broadcast, loud hailing and sound reproduction

This 41kg, waterproof, shock proof and pressure tight loudspeaker are cone type designed for use in external positions on submarines and submersible vessels. The Vitavox submarine loudspeaker can be deployed as a public address loudspeaker, main broadcast loud hailer, intercom loudspeaker or as sound reproducing equipment (SRE) and will cover the most demanding of ship situations.

The submarine loudspeaker has a maximum power output of 4W and is fully watertight to IP68 for indefinite submersion. The loudspeaker can withstand pressure beyond 69bar (703m) and each unit is x-rayed to ensure casting composition and integrity.

The submarine loudspeaker consists of a pressure tight chamber formed by a body casting of high tensile naval bronze and a hinged cover of similar material. There is an outer chamber that houses the speaker cone. The speaker cone is then clamped to the inside of the hinged cover and the transformer is mounted inside the body casting.

The submarine loudspeaker can be mounted on a vertical support with cover hinge on top to ensure efficient drainage of the speaker cone and is secured with three lugs cast on the outside of the body casing which is also fitted with a cable gland. The gland is covered with a rubber sheath to provide pressure tight entry for the cable. The outer chamber is a flange cast with a grille and mounted onto the hinged cover.


Vitavox Submarine Loudspeaker datasheet Vitavox Submarine Loudspeaker datasheet

Vitavox product brochure Vitavox product brochure

Vitavox 'bedpan' naval loudspeaker

The submarine loudspeaker is waterproof, pressure proof and shock proof.

Pressure tight construction

The pressure tight joint between the body casting and cover is made by a seamless rubber ring held in position by grooves in the cover face. The pressure tight joint between the outer chanber and the pressure tight inner chamber is made via a rubber disc being forced back on a seating by external pressures. 

A new Astute class lightweight talk-back version is available, for further information visit our Compact Submarine Loudspeaker page.


Part Number: VQ79558
NSN: 5965-99-924-9409
Input Signal 31.6V
(others on request)
Rated Power: 1, 2 or 4W
Weight: 41kg

Nickel Aluminium Bronze
(NES 747 Pt. 2)
Shock proof to: Submarine Bridge Requirements
Waterproof: IP68, > MIL-STD-810
Pressure Tested: 69bar (703m)
Dimensions (mm): 356w x 368h x 264d
Sound Output:

112dB/watt @ 1m
(30W = 127dB @ 1m)

Active Service:

The submarine loudspeaker is currently active on:

The Vitavox Loudspeaker is currently installed on HMS Vanguard
The Vitavox Loudspeaker is currently installed on HMS Vengeance