Magnetic Loop Headset

Receive only headphones

Sound Attenuated Receive Only Headset

Noise-cancelling, military standard headsets for naval use

The VQ90402 is a Magnetic Loop receive only headset designed for use with current magloop systems onboard naval and marine vessels.

Noise Cancelling Construction

This naval headset is constructed from high grade attenuating plastic and provides protection from background noise greater than 80dB. This conforms to current EU safety at work legislation on ear protection and enables crew member to receive clear audio instructions in high noise environments, such as engines rooms or flight decks. The headset also comes with user controlled digital and analogue filtering modes to ensure the clearest quality of audio regardless of application. 

The ergonomic design comes with adjustable headband which can be worn for long periods without discomfort and is compatible with standard issue MK7 flight deck helmets. 

The headset is powered by two easily accessible AA batteries which provide up to 120 hours of standby power and 72 hours of continuous audio. Audible and visual warnings are provided for out of range, signal loss and low battery (4-6 hours remaining).

Military broadcast receiver

The 'Mag Loop' headset provides protection from noise levels above 80dB.


Mag Loop Headset datasheet Mag Loop datasheet

Vitavox product brochure Vitavox product brochure


Part Number: VQ90402
NSN: Pending
Sound Attenuation: 16dB
Dynamic Operating Current: <45mA
Sensitivity: 0.002 - 0.2µ Tesla
Frequency Response:
200Hz - 500kHz
Range: 75m line of sight

130mm x
120mm x
Weight: 500g
Battery Type:
2X AA 1.5VDC
Battery Life:

120 hours standby
60 hours receiving
4-6 houts warning
Audio and Visual

Out of range
Signal loss
Low battery