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Noise Cancelling UHF Military Headset

Passive sound attenuation for background noise up to 87dB

The VQ90401 is a UHF receive only headset designed as an alternative to the magnetic loop receiver systems currently active on naval vessels. The headset operates at 846.5MHz to satisfy the exacting EMC requirements required on board both ships and boats, but can be provided with different channel settings to fit the user requirements.

Passive Sound Attenuation

The headset utilises the highest grade attenuating plastic to withstand the rigours of warship and submarine use, while also providing passive noise cancellation of background noise beyond 80dB. This ensures that critical broadcasts can be heard regardless of external sound conditions, making the headset suitable for high-noise environments such as flight decks or engine rooms. 

The headset can be worn comfortably for long durations without adverse effects and is fully compatible with current issue MK7 cloth flight deck helmets. 

The headset utilises easily accessible, twin disposable, AA batteries sufficient to power the standby mode for up to 120 hours and capable of receiving continuous audio for up to 60 hours. The headset provides audio and visual warnings for low battery (4-6 hours remaining) and signal loss. 

Astute Class Headset

The headset was designed on request from BAE Systems as a replacement for the magnetic loop system on the UK MoD Astute Class Submarine Programme. Vitavox provided a full design and manufacture service based on strict specifications developed by BAE Systems.

The solution is now active on all Astute class submarines as the main broadcast receiver of choice.

UHF Military headphones

The UHF Receive Only Headset is passively sound attenuated for noise beyond 80dB.


Vitavox UHF Headset datasheet UHF Headset datasheet

Vitavox product brochure Vitavox product brochure


Part Number: VQ90401
NSN: 5965-99-894-1629
Operating Frequency: UHF Band E, 864.5MHz
Dynamic Operating Current: 45mA
RX Sensitivity: < 2.5uV @52dBA
Frequency Response:
100Hz - 12kHz
Range: 75m line of sight

130mm x
120mm x
Weight: 500g
Battery Type:
2X AA 1.5VDC
Battery Life:

120 hours standby
60 hours receiving
4-6 houts warning

Active Service:

The UHF Headset is currently active on:

Vitavox communications equipment is currently active on HMS Astute
Vitavox communications equipment is currently active on HMS Ambush