Military Public Address Systems

Weatherproof, shock proof, blast proof, mobile and vehicle mounted PA systems

Vitavox manufactures and distributes a range of military public address systems, including long-range, omnidirectional, mobile and vehicle mounted options to cater for all operational possibilities. Vitavox is also the official European distributor for Technomad Military PA Systems and audio accessories. 

The range of military PA systems are listed below, please click on the Read more button for further information or to download product specifications.

Outacom™ Vehicle Mounted Public Address System

Waterproof (IP67), blast proof, shockproof (70G), battle proven loud hailer and PA system

Vehicle mounted military PA system

The Outacom™ system is a rugged vehicle mounted PA system designed for use on all tracked and wheeled AFVs or naval patrol vessels. The system is operated by crew within the vehicle either through an integrated intercom or as a stand-alone system, and is capable of directional loud hailing up to 300m from the vehicle. The external loudspeaker is waterproof, blast proof and shock proof for use on both land and at sea.



Long Range Acoustic Devices and Mass Notification systems



LRAD systems broadcast live or recorded voice messages with exceptional clarity in any operational scenario.

LRAD’s advanced driver and waveguide technology ensures every voice and warning siren broadcast cuts through crowd, engine, and background noise, and is clearly heard and understood, even inside buildings and vehicles.

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