Technomad PA Systems

Technomad turnkey public address systems

Turnkey Military PA Systems

For omnidirectional public address up to 1 mile


The Technomad military PA systems are used in national Armed Forces, both in the US, UK and abroad for base-wide paging, combat simulation, ceremonies, vehicle mounted PA and ship stand-off. 

All systems are weatherproof to IP56 and capable of withstanding the affects of water, snow, salt, heat and UV radiation. This high level of protection does not mean a sacrifice in sound quality, with all Technomad PA systems providing clear, audible high-fidelity audio up to 1 mile away from source.

Turnkey systems come pre-wired and ready to use; simply remove the IP66 protective covers, connect the power supply and plug in the loudspeaker cables. All the Technomad military public address systems can be connected to personal music devices such as MP3 players, tablets or laptop computers without the need for proprietary input adapters.

The systems are designed for ease-of-use and can be set up to project audio within 15 minutes. The units include everything needed to project voice and music over long distances in real-world military applications, either mobile/tactical or permanently installed. The systems are provided with control rack including wired microphone, 6 input mixer, CD player, tripods, speaker cables and high power loudspeakers as standard, but can be customised with optional accessories to suit operational requirements.

All systems are self-casing for easy transportation. 

The Technomad military PA system comes fully pre-wired with amplifier, speakers, microphone, mixer and CD player

The Technomad military PA systems can be assembled and operational in under 15 minutes.


Technomad product brochure Technomad product brochure

Control Rack

Sold only as part of Technomad integrated military PA systems

Size: 569mm x 559mm x 491mm high
Weight: 3.4kg
Includes: Dual-channel rack mount amplifier
Rack mount CD Player
5 channel rack mount mixer
(accepts XLR microphone connections, 1/4″, and RCA-type inputs)
Hand-held wired microphone
Options: Wireless Microphone, Shock-Rack Upgrade, DC Version (runs from 24V DC power or 120V AC).
Other Features:

Rack has 2 gasketed lids which cover front and back for transport and storage. Rack meets US MIL-STD-810F.

System Specifications

Version: MilPA .5 MilPA 1 MilPA 2 MilPA 3 MilPA 4
Part Number: 472-TNO-1023 472-TNO-723 472-TNO-725 472-TNO-724 472-TNO-726
Coverage: 180° 180° 180° 360° 360°
Range: 0.5 mile 0.5 mile 1 mile 0.5 mile 1 mile
Number of Loudspeakers 2 2 2 4 4
(per speaker):

394mm x
220mm x
529mm x
394mm x
836mm x
394mm x
529mm x
394mm x
836mm x
394mm x
Peak SPL:
113dBA @ 1m 126.5dBA @ 1m 129.5dBA @ 1m 126.5dBA @ 1m 129.5dBA @ 1m
Frequency Response: 60Hz - 18kHz 60Hz - 18kHz 50Hz - 18kHz 60Hz - 18kHz 50Hz - 18kHz
Weight (per speaker): 8.1kg 19.5kg 40.8kg 19.5kg 40.8kg
Waterproof: IP66 (in case), IP56 (uncovered)