Outacom™ Public Address System

Vehicle Mounted Public Address System

Blastproof, shockproof & weatherproof first contact communications system for escalation of force

The Vitavox Outacom™ patented communications system is an extremely rugged, powerful, military proven, vehicle mounted public address system. It integrates with all standard internal communications systems and offers an easily implemented, tactical battlefield innovation that will ultimately reduce the risk of unintended civilian or military casualties, and the risk of needless collateral damage. 

The PA system is designed to be used like a loud hailer, allowing the vehicle commander, and other authorised personnel, the tactical ability to communicate up to 300 metres from the vehicle, while remaining safe within. The plug & play Outacom™ can be used as a stand-alone loud hailer system or integrated into the main intercom control unit to provide additional capabilities for existing military communications systems. 

This vehicle mounted PA system is designed to withstand the rigours of military use and features blast proof, shockproof and weatherproof (IP67) loudspeakers, microphones and control units. Speech inputs include a patented secure interconnectivity with internal communications systems, separate rugged microphones, flash memory, MP3, and secure radio.

The Outacom™ military PA system is equally capable of being mounted onto either armoured fighting vehicles for use on land or naval patrol vessels for marine use. 

AJAX Programme

A bespoke variation of the Outacom™ PA system kit will be mounted onto the fleet of new AJAX Vehicle used by the UK MoD.  The manufacturing programme has begun in 2015 with first deliveries to be made in March 2016. Total of 589 systems will be produced in the next 5 years. For further information visit the General Dynamics UK website.

The Vitavox Outacom is a stand-alone or intercom integrated military public address system

The situations where Outacom is the sensible tactical option would include;

  1. Vehicle Check Points - ensure that approaching vehicles are able to hear clear, audible instructions to stop 
  2. IED Location and Indication - inform local occupants of potential threats and instructions for evasive action 
  3. Enemy Lookouts ('Dickers') - targets are less likely to stand their ground if targeted with warning signals 
  4. Crowd Control - gathering crowds can be instructed to disperse without the need for crew to exit the vehicle
  5. Buildings & Room Clearance - crew can provide in-vehicle instructions and remain shielded from threats
  6. Incapacitated, Hostile or Fleeing Miscreant - ensure commands are heard before exiting the vehicle to act 
  7. Emergency Audio Comms - provides a back up comms syste in case of radio or mobile network downtime 
  8. Collateral Damage - avoid the use of weapons fire or infrastructure damage as a warning signal
  9. Anti-piracy - issue local language instructions and warnings to potential pirates before action


 Vitavox Outacom datasheet

Vitavox OutacomTM System Video

Outacom Vitavic 600

Tactical vehicle PA system for messaging and alarms

The Outacom Vitavic 600 has been developed as an innovation and as a variable to the Outacom™ Public Address Sound Amplifier Module. This control unit has been developed as a tactical vehicle PA system for messaging and alarms, allowing crew members to communicate to civilians in any language; reducing the risk of avoidable collateral damage and ensuring crew safety at all times.


Frequency 300Hz-3400Hz
Power: 2 channel 30W
Current Consumption  
2.5+/- 0.1A

Concept Diagrams

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Vitavox Vitavic Outacom - Intercom Integrated, Vehicle Mounted Public Address System