Outacom Vitavic 600

Tactical PA System for messaging and alarms

Designed and developed as a Tactical Public Address System for messaging and alarms, the Outacom Vitavic 600 enables the vehicle commander, and any other authorised crew personnel,  to communicate with civilians and army troops from within the armoured vehicle, ensuring crew safety and reducing any risk of avoidable collateral damage.

The Outacom Vitavic 600 can be used as stand-alone or integrated with an already existing vehicle intercom system. This powerful, rugged vehicle mounted PA kit has high intelligibility and enables crew to programme a recurring voice message in any language, which is passed through externally fitted loudhailers, to a distance of up to 300 metres. 

Equipped with talk-back capability, the Outacom Vitavic 600 meets Mil-Std810F and Mil-Std461E specifications and is operable in harsh warfare environments.


Product: Outacom Vitavic 600
Weight: 1.6KG
Audio Frequency: 300Hz to 3400Hz
Power: 2 Channel 30W
Weight: 1.6kg
Operational Compatibility:

Integrates with tactical intercom or stand-alone
Mil-Std810F, Mil-Std461E
Supply Voltage: 28V/DC
Current Consumption: 2.5+-0.1A


The situations where Outacom Vitavic 600 is the sensible tactical option would include;

  1. Vehicle Check Points -  ensuring clear, audible instructions to approaching vehicles
  2. IED Location and Indication - inform local occupants of potential threats and instructions for evasive action 
  3. Enemy Lookouts ('Dickers') - targets are less likely to stand their ground if targeted with warning signals 
  4. Crowd Control - communicating with the public whilst ensuring crew safety within the vehicle
  5. Buildings & Room Clearance - communicating from with the vehicles ensures crew safety is upheld at all times
  6. Incapacitated, Hostile or Fleeing Miscreant - ensure commands are heard before exiting the vehicle to act 
  7. Emergency Audio Comms - provides a back up comms syste in case of radio or mobile network downtime 
  8. Collateral Damage - voice communicatio nbecomes the first point of warning, instead of firing shots/missiles
  9. Anti-piracy - issue local language instructions and warnings to potential pirates before action