Outacom® – The product

AFV Communications to Civilians

The Outacom Tactical PA System is suitable for all AFVs, both tracked and wheeled.

  • Eliminate the need to exit the vehicle or expose personnel
  • Provides clear external audio up to 300m from source
  • Reduce risk and the escalation of violence
  • Prevent unnecessary collateral damage
  • Allow local language communication

AFV Internal Communications

Vitavox’s range of Vitavic Tactical Intercom Systems are modular, military grade and software defined for use on all current and future land platforms. Enabling communications between 21 crew members and 6 combat net radios, the system is fully programmable in DSP and FGPA for ultimate battlefield flexibility.

Hearing Protection (UHF/Magloop) or V50

Keep personnel protected. Vitavox’s headsets limit exposure to dangerous levels of sound and allow personnel to hear critical communications in noisy environments such as:

  • Firing ranges
  • Engine rooms
  • Airports
  • Heliports
  • Training areas