Bespoke Systems

Custom built and designed tactical communications systems and components

Modern AFVs and Naval Platforms, need the very best systems and equipment to perform to their full potential.

Our services are utilised by Primes, systems integrators and MoD directly in the design and specification stage of new platform development. However, our design team is also capable of creating form, fit and function replacements for products which have been deemed obsolete or requiring improvement.

Based near London, Vitavox provide bespoke design services for new and existing defence platforms, both on land and at sea. Supporting our customers is a key focus for Vitavox:

  • Design and build the ideal solution
  • Deliver to cost and time requirements
  • Support through until service EOL

Primes, Armed Forces, Engineers or End Users have all utilised our services since the company’s inception. Our knowledge and understanding of the tactical communications has enabled our engineers to create develop the optimum operational product for our customers platforms.

Outacom® - Vehicle Mounted Tactical Public Address System

General Dynamics – AJAX AFV

Vitavox were selected by General Dynamics UK to provide the AJAX Vehicle (formerly Scout) Programme with a bespoke public address system. This is mounted externally onto the vehicle. Outacom was designed and developed to stringent operational and military test requirements. This is being followed by capability trials whilst installed on the AFV. Outacom will be deployed across all six variants of AJAX, including all 589 vehicles currently ordered for the British Army.

Compact Submarine Loudspeaker

BAE Systems' - Astute Class Submarine

BAE Systems contacted Vitavox following problems with an existing ITAR, external to pressure hull, loudspeaker on the Astute Class Submarine Programme. Vitavox were asked to provide a form, fit and function replacement and offered BAE Systems a full design service to re-engineer the Vitavox loudspeaker currently in-service on the Trafalgar and Vanguard Class submarines. This redesigned loudspeaker had to meet strict requirements relating to, pressure, shock, electrical, size and weight constraints.

Following a joint 12-month development period, the redesigned loudspeakers were signed-off and delivered to BAE Systems and are currently active on all Astute Class Submarines and are used both on the bridge and dive chambers.

UHF Hearing Protection Headset

BAE Systems' - Astute Class Submarine

Following the successful loudspeaker redevelopment project, BAE Systems asked Vitavox to design, prototype and manufacture a receive-only headset for use on the Astute Class Submarine Programme. BAE Systems engineers had evolved a mock-up system that met EMC and technical requirements. They needed a partner to take the project through to manufactured headset completion.

Over 10 months, Vitavox designed, manufactured and delivered 250 headsets to meet all BAE Systems specifications.

Please contact the Vitavox team with your current requirements or questions relating to military communication systems, loudspeakers, microphones, headsets or handsets.