Vitavic 400 is the ultimate in military specification vehicle intercom systems, connecting personnel inside and outside AFVs in the field and enabling tactical communication when timing is critical.

Designed to work independently or combine with a variety of loudspeaker and PA systems, Vitavox has engineered Vitavic 400 to be the optimum operational choice possible, to be deployed where several different types of Combat Net Radios or tactical headsets are already in service. The system is customisable to your operational needs.

  • Software Defined (SD) for in the field upgradability and therefore, in service and pre-existing headset and radio ready. This is via existing installed software or software parameter upgrade in situ. Can be configured to operate with any military headset or combat radio.
  • Selectable PTT or VOX audio operation
  • Fully ANR compatible
  • Infinite loop - 36 hours voice traffic recording option
  • Suitable for vehicles with up to 21 crew members and 6 combat net radios
  • Fully upgradeable and easily programmable via a standard laptop or fill gun, with no down time required
  • Operate with any encrypted peripherals and signals with no manufacturer input required
  • Rebroadcast from two to an expanded capability of six different combat radios.
Why Vitavic Intercom?

Already in service in AFV and other land platforms, Vitavic keeps personnel informed and in contact, regardless of being inside a vehicle or supporting on foot. Personnel are supported through wireless technology, connectivity and bullet proof clothing.

Incredibly tough and resilient, capable of handling harsh environments in the field.

Vitavic 400 – The product

Defence standard, extremely rugged, in service

A truly Software Defined (SD) system, VITAVIC 400 is a fully digital, military specification intercom designed with the end  user in mind. Suitable for vehicles with up to 21 crew members and 6 combat net radios, VITAVIC 400 is modular and requires only a single Central Communication Unit (CCU) for two crew and two combat net radios. Control and customisation of VITAVIC functionality is possible at operator level in the field. The system has been designed to integrate into the field seamlessly, ensuring compatibility with the large majority of current and future headsets and radios. These may be in any configuration and is the optimum operational choice to be deployed where several different types of Combat Net Radios or tactical headsets are already in service. VITAVIC 400 Tactical Vehicle Intercom System 

The VITAVIC Intercom System is suitable for all military, paramilitary light strike and heavier wheeled or tracked armoured vehicles and platforms. It is fully upgradeable and programmable via a standard laptop or fill gun with no down time required. It will operate with encrypted peripherals and signals with no manufacturer input required for complete in theatre security. The high quality voice communications and aural protection required by a combat vehicle crew in noisy, battlefield environments is provided by a user configurable Digital Signal Processing (DSP) design supporting VOX, ANR, TTC or any user defined headset or handset. The ability to remotely connect dismounted personnel via a short range soldier radio or field telephone interface keeps the crew constantly connected and informed of potential threats in their surroundings, including standard rebroadcast capability from two to an expanded capacity of six different combat radios. Defence standard, fully rugged and in service. VITAVIC 400 is the intuitive, integrated, optimum solution.

System Components Extended Units and Components
VITAVIC 401 Central Communication Unit (CCU) VITAVIC 403 Radio Interface Extension Unit (RIEU)
VITAVIC 402 Basic Communication Unit – (BCU) VITAVIC 404 Field Telephone Interface (FTIU)
VITAVIC 410 Cable Set VITAVIC 406 LAN Access Point (LAP)
VITAVIC 380 Personal Headset (others available) VITAVIC 407 Loudspeaker Unit (LU)
Version Identification:
Specific vehicle types are identified as “VITAVIC 400.xx.y.” where identification xx.y refers to specific vehicle and configuration
VITAVIC 409 Personal Extension Unit (PEU)
VITAVIC 320 Dismounted Soldier Radio Control Unit (DSRCU)

VITAVIC 325 Vehicle Antenna (VA)
  • Power Supply – nominal/operating
  • Operating temperature (VITAVIC 400 boxes)
  • Operating temp (VITAVIC 380 Headsets)
28V DC (12V available)/14V to 35V
-35 to +60°C
-25 to +55°C
Storage Temperature:
  • Vibration (critical)
  • Shock (single); Shock (repeated)
-40 to +70°C
100m.s-, 1 – 500Hz

750m.s-, 6ms; 200m.s-, 15ms
Number of Crew/Number of connected CNR 2 to 8/2 to 6
IP Protection: IP68 according to EN 60 529
TCIP/IP network connection: 64kbit/s according to IEEE 802. 1X - 1 interface:
Audio signal frequency band ±3 dB: 300 to 3400Hz
  MIL-STD-461E compliant