Main Features
  • The loudspeaker used on the British Army AJAX Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV)

  • Available as a smaller/lighter footprint ‘plug and play’ replacement for VQ85496 and VQ854690 main broadcast speakers

  • Full EMC and Environmental specification qualification to Def-Stan & MIL STD

  • Adaptable for Land or Sea applications, including vehicle and ship borne loud-hailing or broadcast applications

NSN: 5965-99-902-5744
Product Number: VQ90502-02
Audio Frequency/Bandwidth: 300Hz to 3400Hz
Power: 5W, 10W or 30W
Line Voltage: 28.2V/DC
Weight: 5.34KG
Load Impedance: 7.2Ω
Dimensions: Overall: (238x188x169)mm
Mounting: 4xM10/M8
Centred @ 133.5mm
Main Construction Material: Aluminium alloy to BS 907 - HE30/6082-T6
Environmental & EMC Specification: Def-Stan 00-35, Def Stan 61-5, Def Stan 59-411, Stanag
4236, Mil Std 810H, Mil Std 461, Submarine Std
Ingress Protection: IP67
Shock Testing: 200G, 3ms