Main Features

The Vitavic 407 Tactical Loudspeaker Unit:

  • Clear, intelligible, controlled, reliable reproduction of all on-board signals and warnings

  • Rugged design for integration with all existing intercom and on-board warning systems (BMS, NBC, Shot Detection)

  • Installed on UK MoD's Foxhound LLPV Programme vehicles

  • Simple control via front panel mounted single rotary switch

  • Maximum 4W output controlled in 10 steps

  • Connected via any intercom system head connector

Product Description: Vitavic 407 Tactical Loudspeaker Unit
Vitavox Product Number: VV12590
NSN: 5965-99-667-9015
Volume: 4W (max. 10 steps)
Nominal Power Supply: 28 V DC (12 V DC version available)
Dimensions (overall): 184mm x 110mm x 85mm (w,h,d)
Footprint (mountain centres): 163mm x 66.7mm (±0.25mm)
Weight: 1.2kg
Environment Specifications: MIL-STD 461E, MIL-STD 810H
Operating Temperatures: -35° C to +70° C
Storage Temperature: -40° C to  +71° C