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Vitavox and NDI Join Forces

Vitavox and NDI Join Forces
17 March 2021

Vitavox have joined the National Defence Industries (NDI) network.

As the voice of the UK’s defence and security supply chain, NDI champion new innovations whilst helping their members connect and secure new business opportunities.

At a time when the defence industry is transforming, Vitavox are at the forefront of tactical communications. We’re ready to deliver enhanced capability and situational awareness to our new and existing partners.

After more than 90 years supplying the Royal Navy and British Army, everyone at Vitavox is eager to continue building high value, long-term partnerships across the industry.

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New Case Study - Prototype Warfare Innovations

New Case Study - Prototype Warfare Innovations
10 December 2020


Vitavox are continuing to support the British Army and the Light Dragoons as they modernise and transform using new innovative technology on OP CABRIT. 

The Outacom Tactical PA System is already in service on all variants of AJAX, and is in use on OP CABRIT to INFLUENCE, INFORM, CONTROL AND DETER, strengthening operational capability.

The ViTac Personal Communication System provides the ability to control multiple radios on the vehicle intercom, with vastly improved hearing protection and increased situational awareness, critical advantages on the digital battlefield.

Read more about OP CABRIT on our case study page, the modern challenges the British Army is tackling and how Vitavox's latest products are providing the crucial edge.

ViTac™ Personal Communication System



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NEW: ViTac™ Personal Communication System

NEW: ViTac™ Personal Communication System
12 May 2020

Vitavox launches the advanced ViTac™ Personal Communication System (PCS), providing industry leading hearing protection for mounted and dismounted close combat operators.

ViTac™ PCS introduces revolutionary new features:

  • Reduce damaging impulses by up to 37dB* (SNR 84)
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction Technology for Unrivalled 3D Local Situational Awareness both mounted and dismounted
  • Self-test mode will identify faulty components to allow rapid user replacement, reducing equipment downtime
  • Customise every ViTac™ PCS to the needs of each user, their radios and equipment
    *When combined with ViTac™ Noise Reduction Filters

Suited to LAND, SEA and AIR domains, ViTac™ PCS keeps personnel connected through a single Personal Headset when operating and monitoring multiple systems. Compatible with all modern standard infantry helmets, ViTac™ PCS features user configurable software parameters, is modular by design and features rapid fit connections as standard.

Adapt to any audio interface connection and combine with the Personal Communication Control Unit (PCCU) to add soft key Push-To-Talk with individual source keying ability. Supporting dual channel radios, dual audio input and volume control, personnel configure their ViTac™ PCS to their requirements in the field.

Combined with ViTac™ Noise Reduction Filters, the system can reduce damaging impulses by up to 37dB.

User-lead workshops provided critical real-world insight and direction throughout the development cycle. Supporting the British Army across numerous active test and evaluation exercises, ViTac™ is a product of active soldier feedback combined with cutting edge technology.

Significant exercises include:

  • Supported Ex WESSEX STORM - February 2020
  • Supported Ex WESSEX STORM - June 2019
  • Supported Project STREETFIGHTER on Challenger 2 - 2019
  • Supported US & UK Military during the US evaluation experiment, Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE) - 2019/2020
  • Supporting Project THUNDERCAT with UK MOD Light Cavalry
  • Supporting Royal Navy with current and emerging headset capabilities (Boats and Ships)

Equip your operators with ViTac™ PCS, awarding them the hearing protection and tactical advantage to accomplish the mission.