Vitavox Servicing and Refurbishment

Vitavox’s products are specified to perform for years at a time, often spending a decade or longer in active service at sea or on land.

During this time, they can be exposed to vibration, extreme temperatures, the shock of nearby explosions, constant subjection to salt water or dust and lack of maintenance. To keep them delivering to Def Stan and MIL-SPEC requirements throughout their operational life, occasional servicing and refurbishment is required.

Vitavox maintain products for the entire time they remain in operation, offering a full end-to-end service plan that includes:

A full product survey, including a full strip down of the products, detailing the unit condition and recommending what is required to return the products to full “fit, form and function”

Repair levels

  • Minor
    • Service and minimal component replacement and repainting.
  • Medium
    • Additional repair work required to more units, requiring additional key component replacements.
  • Major
    • Full product rebuilding required, including substantial component replacement required, housing units, electronics and repainting.

The repair level required will be determined by the material, quantity, complexity and condition of the products returned for service.

For more details, please contact the Vitavox sales team.