Warship Main Broadcast

Suitable as loud hailers or public broadcast speakers, all loudspeakers are shock (70G), blast and waterproof (IP67) for use on above surface naval platforms.

Submarine Submersible Main Broadcast

Our loudspeaker is blast, shock, pressure (69Bar) and waterproof (IP68) for use on the exterior of submarines and within the pressurised dive chamber. This also acts as a talkback microphone for two directional communication. Currently deployed on all Astute-Class Attack Submarines.

Hearing Protection (UHF/Magloop) or V50

Keep personnel protected. Vitavox’s headsets limit exposure to dangerous levels of sound and allow personnel to hear critical communications in noisy environments such as:

  • Firing ranges

  • Engine rooms

  • Airports

  • Heliports

  • Training areas