Main Broadcast System for Naval Vessels

The Main Broadcast System is a fully integrated communications solution created for the specific communication needs of naval vessels.

The Main Broadcast System has the critical functionality required for naval vessels and combines all the necessary components together in a focussed, unified solution that is suitable for a wide variety of platforms. It can be configured for customer requirements including multiple zones.
The Main Broadcast System allows
  • Switchable main broadcast to entire vessel or to pre-defined zones via loudspeakers or headsets.

  • Alarm tones module.

  • Priority hierarchy for different types of broadcasts and alarms.

  • High quality microphone connection up to 1000m for voice announcements.

  • Playback of recorded communications traffic or announcements.

  • Auto changeover from AC to DC power supply

  • Fully tested for use on Royal Navy ships and submarines.

  • Complies with stringent Defence Standards

  • Allow announcements and alarms to be activated from key positions on the vessel

  • Microphone Station configurable for main broadcast and also two-way communications, such as Intercom, Interphone or Group Line Working.

  • Battery-operated Emergency Handsets for when other communications fail. (Optional)

Why The Main Broadcast System?
Naval platforms demand the best performance in the field, both technically and functionally. Due to the critical nature of tactical communications in conflict and isolated at sea, Vitavox’s solution fulfils all requirements of a naval ship main broadcast system. It aids key staff to remain connected and in control to the whole vessel whilst enabling the efficient instruction of personnel both inside and outside the vessel.
Main Broadcast System – About Main Broadcast System

Comprising a collection of fully integrated components, the Main Broadcast System is the complete solution to tactical broadcast communications at sea. Designed to function as a standalone or as a cohesive system, only the most critical and advantageous products are included for effective tactical communications in the field.

The Main Broadcast System supports priority hierarchy across multiple units and accommodated within the Microphone Station and interface unit. Multiple powerful loudspeakers (up to 30-Watt) transmit live or recorded voice messages inside and outside the vessel, select models being capable of withstanding pressure of up to half a ton per square inch and fully functional on the surface.

Audio sources can be prioritised and consolidated using the interface unit, whilst the amplifier will drive a chain or loop of 5-Watt to 30-Watt mixed loudspeakers and other transmission devices. Battery-operated Emergency Handsets also allow functional communications even when power is completely cut from the ship or boat, keeping personnel productive and safe.

Built to survive, every product is tough and dependable. Exposed to salt, dust, dirt, vibration and varying atmospheric pressures when installed on boats, every part of the system is engineered to strict defence standards. Where required, components in each unit are rated to IP67 or higher.

Vitavox has a long history supplying the UK Royal Navy with loudspeakers and microphones. This long-term collaboration has helped identify important areas for noticeable improvement over existing solutions. Contact us about your specific tactical communications requirements.

Main Broadcast System – What does it include
  • Microphone Station
  • 5-Watt to 30-Watt Internal or External Loudspeakers Extremely Rugged
  • Main Broadcast Amplifiers Including Auto Changeover
  • Main Broadcast Interface Unit Including Alarms
  • Internal and External Microphones Including Noise Cancelling Microphones
  • Emergency Handsets Integral to Microphone Station for the event of power disruption
  • Submarine Bridge Loud­speakers
  • Magnetic Loop and UHF Headsets Plus transmitters for noisy locations
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Radio Receiver and CD player (If required)