Vitavox 3 inch, 4 Watt Rugged Loudspeaker Units are designed to deliver clear speech in hostile and noisy environments. They are currently used by NATO Navies and UK, Australian and New Zealand Royal Navies.

There are three versions of these Rugged Loudspeaker Units;

  • Standard

  • Lightweight

  • Low Magnetic


  • All units capable of withstanding constant vibration and sudden shock

  • All units handle considerable overloads above 4 Watt rating

  • All units used for speech or tone burst sound

  • Lightweight version can be used in tight enclosures

  • Standard and lightweight can be configured in reverse polarity

  • Low magnetic version suitable for reduced magnetic field signature requirements

  • Housing is moulded in epoxy resin with external position for ‘O’ ring providing watertight seal

  • Internal housing contoured to suit the bonded in ‘melinex’ diaphragm forming immersion, corrosion and blast resistant assembly

  • Magnet features contoured pole assembly protecting diaphragm from blast and porous disc to equalise
3 inch, 4 Watt Rugged Loudspeaker Units
Product: 3 inch, 4 Watt Rugged Loudspeaker Units
VQ88506 Standard: 15Ω NSN: 5965-99-543-5174
VQ88507 Standard: 8 Ω
VQ88508 Lightweight: 15 Ω
VQ88509 Lightweight: 8 Ω NSN: 5965-99-760-8560
VQ88683 Lightweight Low Magnetic: 8 Ω NSN: 5965-99-832-1809
VQ88684 Lightweight Low Magnetic: 15 Ω NSN: 5965-99-110-1377
Impedance/ Rating: 8 or 15 / 4 Watts
Frequency Response: 600Hz - 7kHz
Sound Output: 92 dBA @ 1m standard
91 dBA @ 1m lightweight
Ingress Protection: IP67
Weight: 375g standard, 270g lightweight
Overload: Overloaded for 9hrs inc. 1hr of 25W music and 30mins of
10W continuous duty alarm - no subsequent effect on performance
Dimensions: 84mm diameter (3.31 inches)
45mm depth (1.77 inches) standard
39mm depth (1.54 inches) lightweight