Main Features
  • Main Broadcast version takes signal and power from 70V RMS
  • 15 Watt power rating adjustable to 15 Watt, 8 Watt or 4 Watt
  • 30 Watt   power   rating   adjustable   by   transformer   tapping settings
  • Intercom version signal 0.775V RMS line drive Power 24 V DC
  • Type shock tested to 107G force
  • Used above and below deck in high noise areas
  • Survives close proximity explosions and destructive blows
  • Electric mute relay activation for when close to microphone
  • Front section (Flare) contains pressure unit
Application: Main Broadcast Intercom
Part Number: VQ96003 VQ96004
NSN: To be obtained To be obtained
Voltage: 70V RMS 24V DC Power 0.775V signal
Input Impedance: 400 Ω @1000Hz
Frequency Response: 400Hz - 8kHz 400Hz - 10kHz
Weight: 3.0 Kg
Finish: Stove enamel grey to CDL37-29-30 (other finishes available)
Shockproof: 107 G-Force
Waterproof: IP67
Dimensions (mm): 150 mm wide x 83 mm tall x 175 depth
Sound Output: 91 dBA/watt @ 1m
(5W = 98 dBA @1m)