Main Features
  • Two versions are available with same form, fit and function
    • 2183 Main Broadcast Loudspeaker
    • 2184 Intercom Loudspeaker
  • Main Broadcast version takes signal and power from 31.6V, 70V and 100V main broadcast lines
  • Intercom version takes 0.775V signal
  • Intercom version contains inbuilt amplifier requiring 24V DC power supply
  • Type shock tested to 70G force by UK MoD
  • Used above and below deck in high noise areas
  • Survives close proximity explosions and destructive blows
  • Front section (Flare) contains pressure unit
  • Back section (Case) fitted with line matching transformer or amplifier
  • Electrical components isolated from metal case of loudspeaker
  • Mounted by three (9.8mm hole) lugs on 238mm PCD
  • All units fitted with preset volume control, accessible by removal of pressure relief plug
  • Designed and manufactured in form of 260mm dia. compact re-entrant horn, from aluminum alloy die-cast sections bolted together and sealed with ‘O’ ring gaskets.
Compact Talk-Back Submarine Loudspeaker & Microphone
Application: Main Broadcast (2183) Intercom (2184)
Part Number: VQ85496 VQ85490
NSN: 5965-99-537-2183 5965-99-537-2184
Input Signal & Maximum Rated

31.6V up to 10W
70V up to 30W
100V up to 20W

0.775V up to 30W
Amplifier Voltage: N/A 24V DC
Input Impedance: 100/ 400_ 10K_ nominal
Frequency Response: 400Hz - 8kHz 400Hz - 10kHz
Weight: 8kg
Finish: Stove enamel grey to CDL37-29-30 (other finishes available)
Shockproof: 70G force
Waterproof: IP67
Dimensions (mm): 268 dia. x 195 depth
Sound Output: 112dB/watt @ 1m
(30W = 127dB @1m)