More essential than any audio equipment, personnel are the single most important part of any military. As key suppliers to the military, Vitavox are privileged to support our armed forces, and our employees. 

Working closely with our partners in the MoD, British Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy, Vitavox are fortunate to employ Reservists who invest their time, knowledge, and experience directly towards current and future projects. Their invaluable insight benefits the entire company and contributes to our workplace culture by increasing awareness of what the armed forces would benefit from the most.   

Everyone at Vitavox is treated in a fair and impartial way, with Service Personnel and members of the Armed Forces community treated in exactly the same way. They are in no way unfairly disadvantaged during the recruiting and selection process during job applications. 


Why Work For Vitavox?

  • Additional 5 Days* Annual Leave To Reservists Upon Mobilisation
  • Work With Professionals In The Defence Industry
  • Service Personnel Are Treated Equally


Besides providing ex-service personnel a platform to work in the defence industry alongside other military professionals, Vitavox provide an additional 5 days* annual leave to any Reservists or those currently joining the Reserves for the purposes of armed forces training or mobilisation. If they are mobilised, Vitavox will support these employees, helping them to return once their mobilisation is complete. This commitment is made to any member of staff who is mobilised.

As members of the Armed Forces Covenant, Vitavox are passionate about supporting our employees and the Armed Forces community, and it is our pleasure to support and encourage those who have served.
*Additional 5 days unpaid leave in addition to statutory holiday entitlement